Scholarships and Funding


The Universidade Federal de Viçosa has granted scholarships from Public Agencies (CAPES, CNPq and FAPEMIG) destined to students regularly enrolled in the Graduate Program.

The scholarship has maximum duration of 24 and 48 months for the Master and Doctorate Majors, respectively.

The students who recipient of scholarship must dedicate full-time to the Graduate Program and must live in Viçosa, except when conducting the research in another institution.

Those receiving salary are not eligible to receive scholarship.

The scholarship may be suspended or canceled by the Coordinating Committee or by the funding agency for academic, disciplinary or financial reasons, and no identification will be due to the fellow.

Scholarships will be suspended for the following reasons: suspension of enrollment, delayed registration of the research project, delayed Qualification Exam, non-compliance with the provisions of articles 42 and 43 of the Internal Regulation and obtaining concept N in Research or Seminar.

Foreign students must provide the resources for their needs or apply for a scholarship from Brazilian funding agencies that maintain a cooperation with their respectives countries of origin (Manual PEC-PG Masters e Manual PEC-PG Doctorate).


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